b16 or ls/vtec


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ok i already have a b16 swap in my 91 hatch. well what i was wondering what you guys would do? would you do a ls/vtec or would you sleeve and bore a b16 out to a 1.8 so that way you stilll have the same affect as the ls/vtec. since i already have the block! just trying to do this the right way the first time and elimanate some of the cost that i will have to spend! i have a buddy of mine that sleeved his d16 out to a 2.0 with high compression and itb's that damn thing is fast! wanna keep up with him next year so trying to figure out my options! thanks guys!


In my opinon, the ls vtec properly built will cost you more in the long run than having your current block sleeved. just something to consider. LS vtec will yeild a lot more torque, but cost more to build right. I guess it all depends on you pocket book and time.



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i agree ^ im building my ls-vtec right now and im spending more than i would buying a gsr but im taking my time saving and spending money so its all perfect and will not break and need to spend more after. its all on you than


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if you bore and sleeve the b16, you still are going to be buying new pistons and rods...

so buy a broke ass b18a block (i got a complete longblock for 300 when i did mine) and then put rods and pistons in it.. drop 40 bucks on the oil line kit and slap that bitch together.