b16 speed sensor

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With the lsd b16 y1 trans do I need a vehicle speed sensor from a 90 integra? because the one in the b16 trans is electronic and i need one that is mechanical? can i use one from an automatic integra?
You can just remove the electronic VSS and plug your speedo cable into your tranny. Thats what I did in my CRX and it works perfect.
I just ordered a speedo cable because i wanst sure if mine was messed up or not, it seemed as though the end of the cable had been clipped off.
Nah, my speedo works now, I also have a VSS if anyone needs one from a 1990 Integra, never used the one i bought, i took off the electrical part of the vss in the lsd trans, the speedo cable plugged right in, and speedo works now.