B16 Swap

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Alright, here's another one for you swap gurus :worthy: ...

I put a b16a into my 93 EX and the usdm pwr steering hose connection is completely opposite from the mount on the jdm pump....Has anyone ever encountered this before and if so what is the easiest fix?

I know I can probably drive the car to a machine shop and have them splice the jdm hose onto the usdm hose so it will work, but I'm trying to keep the engine as clean as possible so if anyone has any ideas I'm open for suggestions......TIA

just get rid of the PS... its heavy and robs power from the engine :)
Considered that......

what all would be involved, besides removing the pump, reservoir, and hose....what about where the hose ties into the rack and pinion?
Can anyone help me on this one?....Just tryin' to get an idea here of what to do....
to do that drain the fluid from ps system. remove pump. all RELATED hoses and crxthen work the steering wheel backand forth to work the rest of the fluid from the rack ....be care ps fluid kills paint use drip pans to catch the fluid itll be messy.. when done and satisfied cap the hose points on the steering rack and enjoy steering w'ffeedback