B16 swap

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I have a DX 4dr and I have power steering but the swap that I just got dont can I run my car with out power steering or can I use my stock power sterring pump? I have drove a civic with out power steeering before and it was not that bad but I heard that mine would be different. Thanks for all the help you dont know how nice it is to have a place that you can go to get help, and no one flames you because your car is not as nice as there(IE H-T) so I thank you for that.


Staff member
you'll need to score the bracket and the b-series power steering pump.
also, if your crank pulley doesn't have the place for the belt, you will need to change the crank pulley as well to provide a place for the belt.

or, if you don't want power steering any more, you will need to "loop" your rack.

just removing the pump (or in your case, not ever installing it) is a bad idea, because the rack still needs the fluid to be moveable.

here's a good thread / how-to