B16 TDC Pulley=B18C1 TDC


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Well ive been having some problems with the timing belt being a little loose on the exhaust side down to the timing belt pulley,bad tensioner or wrong TDC pulley.
?? I have a B16A first gen Timing belt pulley on a 97 GS-R Block with a B16A head
and I am Using the GS-R timing belt,Is it ok to use the B16A TDC pulley with the 97 B18C1?.

Thanks In Advance


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to find TDC without using the mark on the crankshaft pully is to pull plug number one, stick your oil dip stick down the cylinder, and with a wrench, turn the engine over so that the dipstick is at its highest point. If you do not have any marks, with white out or something similar, mark that point.