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Is it possible to get a brandnew B16A3 off the internet i really dont wanna buy off ebay
It's hard to find a brand new motor on the internet.Going straight to Honda is your best bet.It's going to cost you alitlle bit,but if you can afford it,go for it.
you can check out some places like autozone or murays that sell crate engines (normally remanufactored). Expect to pay about 3-4 grand for a long block (basicly head and block, still need tranny and a shit load of other parts). Other routes you can go is if you want new (and have deep pockets) go to inlinefour.com and look at spoon longblocks. You can get b16's b18c's and b18c5's. Again they will be longblocks and expensive. I would say save your money, buy the engine you want from online_swap_stores.com and then rebuild it yourself