b16a, best ecu to use?


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i have a 93 integra, 5-speed, that i'm swapping in a b16a. what is the best obd1 ecu to use with this motor? p28 or p30. I'm kindof confused on the whole ecu thing right now. If anyone can help, i'd greatly appreciate it. :worthy:


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p30 is what i have. p28 is better for tuning, however... if you're from CA, or you have smog issues, you'll need a p30.

good luck finding one!


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Use the p28 ecu..I am running it in my 93 si.. With b16a run's great.. But if you all are looking for ecu's contact flashoptions.com and send them an email and they will hook you up..fairly cheap for one aswell..


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If you're keeping the stock ecu profile, you sould should the p30. If you are going to use EMS program a p28 would better.