b16a cold start -91hb si


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ok.the other day i stopped just like i would at any kind of light and i noticed my idle was racing @ 3000 rpm i got home and checked all the vacuum lines,not cracked or leaking.i took off my intake and plugged the hole in the side of the throttle body for the cold start function it immedietly went back to normal.so i went to a pick and pull and got the electronic air control valve (eavc) to try and fix it.i figured because it sat directly on the other side of what i was plugging with my finger"inside the throttle body"it must be the problem right?,wrong. it didnt work so i took the throttle body off and checked the gasket.it too was ok. so then i followed the line from the (evac) and found a plate directly under the throttle body 3 screws in total and i plugged the 2 holes behind the plate and it fixed it temporarely.so do i need to replace that plate with the 3 screws? im really confused. so now that it is plugged it takes the engine a while to wrok itself out when i start it up.it idles around 100-then slowly works its way out to around 1000. but its gasping for air and trying to die,but just takes small breaths to keep it going.i dont know what to do,if i unpluge it my motor is racing all the time.if i leave it plugged for now then it will keep fouling up when i start it and ontop of it it makes a weird sqreach everyonce in a while.......for the love of god i need some help...i dont have another car or a min to spare..thanks a lot any help will be a bonus