B16A Distributor Question


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Hello, I have a JDM EK4 B16A Engine trying to swap it into a 92 Civic DX Hatch. I was wondering if anyone knows if I have to change the Distributor to a OBD1 from OBD2. If I do have to change the distributor, what type of OBD1 Distributor do I have to change to. Any other info regarding the swap will be greatly appreciated.


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If you do, let me know. I got an OBD1 ecu, and I need an OBD2. We can trade straight up if you want. :thumbsup:


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Yes, you'll need to change it. You can use a 94-95 GSR's or a 92-95 B16A's, or a 93-95 Del SOl vtec (B16A3).