B16a Four Wire O2 Sensor

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Just transplanted a B16a into an EG civic using an OBD1 P30 ecu.
Problem: the car came with a one wire o2 sensor, the B16a needs a four wire sensor= CEL is on and idling is messy. I know that two wires go to the ecu pins A6 and D14. Does anyone know where the other wires need to go. OR is there a way to fool the ECU in thinking we have a four wire sensor and keep the original one wire one?????


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i had the same problem, i gave up and took it to get it wired.you screw wiring up and you will be hating life.


Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jan 30 2003, 01:34 PM
Contact DC Sport's they will make you one it cost $29.

What do DC make? Something that fools the ecu, or a four wie o2 sensor??