B16A II Swap into 94 Civic EX wiring harness

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Hello, this is my first post, My name is Chad, I live in NC work for a Honda Dealer as a technician. I am new to swaps, and have trouble finding information due to the many ways people refer to the same cars. ie.
EG, EF, 5th gen, 92-95, I understand what it all means but can't remember all the codes.

I am attempting my first swap. The engine will be going into our 1994 Civic Coupe EX. I have purchased a B16A II swap complete with P30 ecu, axles, shift linkage, and hydro tranny. I have purchased an AC bracket for a del sol vtec and the timing belt, water pump, cam seals, crank seal and drive belts for a 2000 SI.

The engine I purchased arrived today and there is no harness on the engine, all the connectors are there but the wires have been cut. I was told, but could not find the information to confirm, that I could use the harness off my D16Z6 that is currently in my civic. I have searched the forum and could not find any info related to my swap. I have access to USDM Honda ETM's and Honda's ISIS website but they are usless for a JDM engine. If somene could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
Thanks hondafreak

I also was wondering if I needed to get different radiator hoses, using stock ex radiator, read alot of mixed answers on other post on this. I have found where you can buy hoses for swaps but I would like to use OEM Honda, I think it is the best. Will Del Sol hoses or 99-00 Civic SI, I can order them at work.
Yes you will have to change the hoses. I believe you will need ones from the SI or from a GSR. I usually just get the universal flex hoses from a parts store. Some of them have two different size ends...
I will try the gsr hoses, hopefully the local Acura store stocks them, I am going to attempt the swap on Saturday, if I have all the parts to do it. Does anyone know if a 98 GSR intake hose and airbox will mount into a 94 civic with B16a? I have one laying around from a car I owned long ago.
Just go to a autozone or any other parts store and get the hose's for a 95 GSR.. I think the Intake pipe and box should fit just try it out after it is put in..
My history with parts stores is not the best. I may be bias since I work for the dealer, but I get dealer parts at cost+10%. I will stick with the manufacture for that price difference.

I will post the results of the GSR stock air box when I find out.

Thanks again honda freak, but I would like to have that avitar flipped and use it as my own. I work on Honda's for a living, but a Nissan is my toy. The civic swap is for my fiancee's car.

My Car FYI:
1995 Nissan 240SX se Turbo 1/4 mile trap speeds 0-60 - DragTimes.com
LOL I like Nissan's but I thought the avitar was funny so I used it. I would rather have one with a GM logo, or dodge...
No I like the avitar but just want it reversed! btw GO BUCKS! from an Ohio native. My whole family lives there, my cousin works for Audi in Cinci, he's a former Honda freak as well.
Well tomorrow is judgement day....we will see how good I am. Got warmed up today by replacing a 2004 Accord V6 long block. That is all in a normal days work, but tomorrow is unchartered territory. I don't think I have ever even had the opportunity to do more than minor maintence to a B series powered Honda. Such a rare sight at the dealer the B series is. I just have to have it back on the wheels and mobile by 2pm. wish me luck
You sound like you got the parts. Mounts too?

Hondafreak is right about the EX harness. You will need to extend the VTEC solenoid plug, the VTEC oil pressure plug and I had to extend the O2 plug some too. You will also need to wire up the knock sensor. It is a little bit of a pain to get it into the plug that actually plugs into the ECU and you will need a donor pin with some line extended off it, learn how to open up the plug and insert it into the correct location.....I can't remember the spot but I can find out for you.

Check out my swap in my signature below.....its virtually the same swap.

But mine is going going gone soon! K-swap baby! Pero es mucho dinero!!
Well its in but not yet running.
1. Forgot to get the GSR hoses (I am an idiot)
2. Drivers side axle supplied with the engine is mushroomed where axle nut threads on.
3. Power steering belt did not fit.
4. Throttle body does not have MAP sensor. (OBD0)

My questions:
1. Will the stock 94ex civic outer CV joint swap onto B16A axle shaft
2. What year/model Honda power steering belt fits this swap
3. What should I do for the throttle body problem
4. My swaps throttle cable was cut, is there a bracket for stock cable

Here are some photo's of the progress

A picture of the reciepient
New Hood 001.JPG

Out with the old

New timing belt, water pump, cam seals, and crank seal + Valve adjustment

B16A in her new home
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My questions:
1. Will the stock 94ex civic outer CV joint swap onto B16A axle shaft
2. What year/model Honda power steering belt fits this swap
3. What should I do for the throttle body problem
4. My swaps throttle cable was cut, is there a bracket for stock cable

1) I "think" you can do the axle swap but I cannot confirm. If possible, get some new ones for B16A3/B16A2/B18C. Hell you can run LS axles too

2) Power Steering belt.....94-97 Honda Del Sol VTEC (no s or si model)

3) Get a MAP sensor from the same Del Sol ^^^ and you can make a bracket like I did on my hatch (check my thread for the picture down a few posts) Just need a hose to run from the MAP to the TB. Or.....get an OBD1 B-series TB and the same MAP

4) There is a bracket. I am not sure (b/c I 1st swapped it in '98) but a Civic EX/Si bracket should be fine....I think thats what I have now....dunno. I know a D16Z6 throttle cable is what my car came with and it works for B series
I will attempt the outer CV swap and post the results.

I think I ordered all my belts for a 2000 SI Civic, so I will try the Del Sol for power steering.

I think the map sensor off my D16Z6 will work to copy your mod cafrog

CAFROG It looks like you have the b16A throttle cable in the post on your signature. The D16Z6 cable does not have as much cable between the insulation and TB. The bracket the cable bolts to needs to be much closer to the throttle body. Hince the white zip tie in my installed engine photo holding the cable down.

I might just get a del sol throttle cable and throttle body. The benefit of having a discount
I PROMISE my throttle cable is the D16Z6. Had a B18B1 and a B16A run off it. Its the stock one that came with my Si.

Now the bracket......It may be a B-series I took off my B18B1 or it was already on the JDM B16A I put in.

BUY a USED TB! A B18B1 is the SAME TB. Just make sure its OBD1 Only. It needs a FITV attached to the bottom and OBD2 does not have one. Even with a discount.....a brand new TB ain't worth it! You can get a compete TB used for less than $80 (w/all sensors) or for $40-50 and you swap your sensors over.

MAP for D16Z6 is a different part # but try it and see if you get a CEL code
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Well I got her running today, lots of diagnostics required due to my mixing up connector locations when modifying the harness. I love how the OBD1 harness has like 5 connectors that will fit 5 different sensors. I recommend labeling your connectors when you remove the harness from your D16. (hindsight) I had a bad Idle and after consulting the ETM realized I had the EVAP solenoid and IAC valve connectors reversed. My next problem was a CEL with a code 23, I wired the knock sensor using a 2 pin connector I found in our scrap bin. I couldn't find the correct single pin connector, The 2 pin will work as long as you wire up the correct wire that leads to the pin on the knock sensor. Of course I wired up the other wire! Once that was fixed she was running great!

The drive home from work was great, its kinda nice having some power in 5th gear. I will post up some more pics once I give the car a bath. Its been sitting in the yard since October and has lots of bird and tree droppings. We parked it after getting it back from being stolen because the thieves gave it a little rod knock. Poor little D16 couldn't handle the abuse.

Thanks everyone for the help
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