B16a In 86crx Hf

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I was wondering if any of you have done this swap before because i need to know if this list 100% accurate because i need to know what parts i can get off of older cars and what parts i need to buy from hasport or someone like them. Thanks in advance


b16a and tranny


Motor Mount kit

Rear Mount


Intermediate Shaft

CV Joints

Knuckles And Hubs

Radiator Hoses
1992 GS-R Upper And Lower

Throttle Cable

Speed Sending Unit

Brake Booster Hose

Cluch Cable

1990-1991 Integra/ Disk

Pressure Plate PN ,

fuel pump
Why not get the complete front clip, nippon-motors.com has a CRX front clip with everything needed to do the swap, instead of getting everything separate.