B16a int a VE/VXi

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I wanna be sedated
I did the swap in 2 days by myself,about 16 hours total.It isn't even the same,you can't compare the vx stock to a b16,it's like going from a base model clio to a porsche(slight exaggeration but you get the idea),your almost doubling the hp.
i have never done an engine swap before but am willing to give it a go i watched my mate put a 2liter astra gte engine in to his nova(muppet i know :withstupid: :bash: ) but i helped him on thrugh doin it and know what to do i wanna do swap myself (for achivement) + i aint paying 600 squid to get it done
being in enginering for a living i know that as i was strippind down i would labe everything and make not of what goes where and what does what,

thanks for the advise matey :worthy Regards Richie

what wires did you have 2 add
If your getting a 92-95 motor and your putting in a 92-95 motor then none since your car was already running vtec,so your good there,and in Germany we don't have knock sensors so you probably don't either,so your good there too.Look on the back of the block right around the oil filter your going to see a sensor with a green base and a brass nipple looking thing sticking out(i'm not sure cuz I ain't got my manual handy but this is either your engine temp or oil pressure not exactly sure),right around that is your knock sensor,if that(above sensor) is the only thing there(you'll see a plug,circulair with a square in the middle) than you don't have one.Your going to have to untape the wire loom a little to move the sensor with the white clip from the back of the intake manifold to the front of the B16's,and unless you want to cut and extend the vtec wires you need to slide the wiring harness a little closer,it will be tight but it will fit.I hope that isn't too confusing.Good luck
its a bit confusing buts thats cause i is stupid, anway its half past 8 in the morning in the uk so im off to go and look at this vti
bought the engine now the fun really does start picking it up on 20th jan
not just getting full engine im getting the full front end rite from the door hinges
How much are they charging you?
is that like pounds or something? does it come with the tranny? If that is dollars, and you are getting the tranny that is an unreal price. What is vat? (we have a little diffrent terms in the US)
Originally posted by asmallsol@Dec 19 2002, 10:26 PM
is that like pounds or something? does it come with the tranny? If that is dollars, and you are getting the tranny that is an unreal price. What is vat? (we have a little diffrent terms in the US)

Sounds like pounds.VAT,is a tax relief form used overseas,it is in Germany.If that is in pounds it is like 1230 bucks.Really good deal for a front clip.
i thought it was a good deal considering that i went to a scrap yard a month ago n they wanted 500 for a 93 with 100000 miles on it and it had no wiring or ecu either pulss it looked fucked as well im gettting all the tranny as well even the gear linkage and clocks
so im gonna have some fun just need to find out all i can about doing the swap
You can do without the wiring,just use your wiring harness.The ecu,you can pick one up the is better.How does the motor look?
It is easy,ok check it out,pull out your motor.Take the wiring harness off,starting at the injectors and working your way around(labeling as you go).Then go to the b16 and starting at the injectors reconnect everything.The first thing your going to come to is a white clip that on your motor hooked into the back of the intake manifold.On the b it connects to the front.Undo the loom and lengthen the plug so it reaches then continue to hook things upthe vtec solinoid wire is going to be to short just pull the harness towards it,or cut the wires and splice in extra length.now when the engine goes back in it just plugs right into the shock tower connections.If I left anything out some one will bring it up.
ive never looked at the ecu what do i do there ps can u send me all this info by e-mail, how long did it take to do all the wiring
why dont you send that hunk over here to the states and let me have it....you dont wont it ...hondas suck and you dont want one....so just ship it to me...by the way......ill pay for shipping! :D :beer: