B16a intake Manifold question


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I have a b16a and so does my friend. He recently had his TB bored out and since my intake manifold was already off my car, he used my manifold to be port matched to his TB. After we got it back we noticed that my manifold has 2 extra vacume stems on it. One is on the top turning forward and the other is on the front with 2 10mm bolts on either side of it. I assumed we could just plug them both and installed it. Now i am having IACV issues.... Not sure if this is related. I am throwing code 14 on 2 different ecu's The service manual says to check the ohms on the plug for the iacv and I did with no result. I then installed my old IACV since my skunk2 doesnt have one and Same thing... Anyone have a similar issue or some advice on where to go from here. My quick fix is to take my PR3 ecu outta my car and see if it still does it. If so then install his old intake manifold. Kinda puzzled on this one.

Help Guys?

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