b16a O2 sensors...HELP

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ok guys.....ive been looking for some info and this site seems to have alot of knowlege floating around so maybe someone can help me out...

I bought a 91 crx Si with a jdm b16a swap in it.......but the kid who did the swap didnt know a whole lot about it and made a bit of a mess....there is only one O2 sensor on the exhaust....and from what ive heard it is supposed to have 2 o2 sensors......so my question is where are they supposed to go.....the car has all aftermarket headers/exhaust......the o2 he has installed is pretty much even with the firewall before the cat....is this the right location..if so where does the 2nd o2 sensor go?? thanks for the help!


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On the jdm b16a both O2 sensors are in the top of the header both of them are in the same port one on top of the other. I forget which port on the header.


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On a JDM B16A the O2 bungs are on the collectors of runner 1-3 and 2-4. You have an aftermarket header, so block off that bung he has there, buy two bungs from STPturbo or your local muffler sho and have them weld them in nead those locations on your header. Yuo will get incorrect O2 readings if they are in teh wrong location and your car will run like shit.


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Originally posted by ElusiveRR@Jun 21 2005, 07:11 AM
ok thanks guys....and should i use the d16 o2 sensors?
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as long as you are still obd-0 any 1 wire O2 honda sensor will be fine.