B16A O2 sensors/mounts ect..

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Hi im new to the swaps ect.. i have a 90civic si with B16A engine. I dont know what year the engine is ect.. it says B16A 1412140 HM on the engine. I also got the Enjo Em88 mounts and only one of thoses mounts fit. Do I have a hydrolic transmition or what? Also when i want to purchase parts, what parts do i get. It's a littel difficult finding parts for B16A , there are many parts. Also how would i know if its a different tranny ect.. Thanks


Well you can tell what tranny you have by looking at the serial number on it.


that is an M2A4 tranny from a H22 (Non LSD)

Also if you look under the exhaust manifold cover there should be 4 clock things that tell you when the engine was made.


If the person who swapped the motor in did a cable to hydraulic conversion you would. You can look at it and tell. If there is a cable going to the actuator, than it's....cable. If it has a fluid line than it's....hydraulic.
depending on what parts you need, you will order them from a 90-91 integra GS or a 95 del sol vtec.