b16a OBD1 distributor

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Ok I've got a JDM b16a in an ef hatch, wanna upgrade from pre obd to obd1 and I must use an obd1 distributor.. When I first got this motor, the original dizzy was all messed up so I got another one that bolted up, but the cap design was such that I could never achieve proper ignition timing. The most advanced that I could physically set this timing to was 2 degrees Before TDC, and most retarded timing was something like 10 or 15 degrees After TDC. Honda manuals call for 16 degrees BTDC I can't remember what dizzy that was, but I got a obd0 TD22 from Distributor King and it has worked great for years. Now that I want to use obd1, everything I can find that talks about obd1 dizzy on first gen b16a says to use TD44, but TD44 cap is designed with the spark plug lead connection assembly canted off to the side in reference to the flat top of the cap.. When compared to the TD22 the 4 spark plug wire connections sit square when compared to the top of the cap. All I can think is if I bought this TD44 and tried it, I basically know that the ignition timing will be super far off and it will run like hell. In a nutshell, I need an OBD1 distributor with a cap that appears similar to an original USDM 1991 civic with the sohc 1.6 nonvtec TD02, but mounts to the b16a. wtf


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I read throught this twice and still don't correlate the timing issue with distributor cap design. I'm not hating here bro.

Since this hasn't been responded to all day, I'll take a stab it it. I have "0" experience with "B" series - only "D" and JDM "D" which are ZC.

When I've had ignition timing advance problems it was because of the cam timing being hosed up. Adjustable cam pulley cured that. Figure out what model distributor goes with that engine and buy it. Then, resolve any timing issues if they arise.

Just food for thought - you're on the right path posting it here.

Good luck with it.
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