B16A Sir 1st Gen

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William H. Hovah

Junior Member
sup peoples..im lookin to buy a 91 Civic with a B16A Sir 1st Gen Motor..
Its only been in the car for like 2 months..So nobodys really sure how many miles..I fig Japan exports with 50k or less..so probably 55 at the most..ive had a 2nd gen Sir before but not a 1st Gen..anything i need to know about this motor..parts and all i know already..but is it as durable as 2nd gen..i know its 10 hp less..yo if anybody can give me any expierence advice..let me know..i want to know if there is any deadly secrets about this engine i dont know..Holla..
Without the original odometer it is immpossible to tell how many miles are on a engine,could be 100-100,000.Driving it around is the only way to find any character flaws in it.
My opinion is that it is not a good idea to buy a car with a performance engine swap. You know how you drive your car, and if he is selling it after 10k miles, you know how he drove it. That engine has been more than likely thrashed upon for all of its life.
and WHY is he selling it? avoid bullshit reasons.

have HIM do a compression check and leack down test on it- or have it done at a shop on HIS dime. if hes serious about sellign it and has nothign to hide, he should do it. its not expensive
yo thanx for the advice guys..i def appreciate it..i found out the motor was put in when he bought it..it was installed by a professional shop which has a very good reputation in the area..a compression test and all the others were performed after the swap was down..the owner has agreed that if i want to bring it to a mechanic i am more then welcome..also the owner is hella old..like 40...so it wasnt some teen kid beaten on the car his mommy and daddy bought him..its lookin good..i jus hope the car is everything i hope it is..what do you think it would run..on 1/4 91 Civ Si..B16 1st Gen..Intake and Exhaust..im thinkin prob in the low 15's high 14's on a good run..give me your opinion..
a. Integrated Final Velocity Formula

vf = V(vi2) + 2(a)(sf - si) where V indicates the square root symbol

1. vf stands for final velocity
2. vi stands for initial velocity
3. a stands for acceleration
4. sf stands for final displacement
5. si stands for initial displacement

b. What do we know?

1. vi = 0 ft/sec
2. a = g = 32 ft/sec 2
3. sf = 10,000 feet
4. si = 0 feet d. Drag Formula

DG = (AD)(SF)(CSA)(RV 2)

1. DG stands for drag
2. AD stands for air density
3. SF stands for surface friction
4. CSA stands for cross-sectional area
5. RV stands for relative velocity

Here is how to calulate how fast it will run :D sorry j/p I mean that is but,i'm just messing with ya.On a side note I am one of those you'd probably say is,how was it hella old...like 40(31 but still)that really means nothing cuz I beat my car once in awhile
but only after it won't put the nintendo up.Still take it to a mechanic before you buy on his dime.