B16a (sir-ii) In 89accord? Help!

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I found 2 engines both under 35,000 miles,

B16A 88-91 (SiR-I)Long Block
160hp 111trq 10.2 compression(JDM)

and a

B16A 92-00 (SiR-II) long block
vtec DOHC
170hp 113trq 10.4 compression(JDM)
160hp 111trq 10.2 compression(USDM)

Now, I want to put it in my 89 accord lxi, but does anyone know if it is possible and if it is which is a better deal?
Will it fit the stock tranny or will I have to get one? :worthy:


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where did you find them at?? either one will be a bitch to swap into your accord, if it can even be done, i've never heard of anyone performing that swap before


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I don't believe either one of them can be done and if so you will definitely need to swap the tranny as well.



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Dude, this question is stupider than people who want a b16a in a integra. the reason b16a's are fast in civic is b/c civic are light, ur accord isnt. without torque ur gunna lose everyrace u enter. get a h22a ( i dunno if it fits, obd2 in obd0 car) or something with alot more torque, even try a b20, or b18c1, but no way in hell should u put a b16a in ur car. u will be very disapointed.