B16a Sir II Timing?

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My motor is bogging in first and second gear but runs really smooth in 3rd, 4th, 5th. Actually we think the motor doesn't have as much power as it should on acceleration. Im going to replace the plugs, rotor, cap and check the timing tonight. I was wondering what degree should the timing be if im running on average 91 octane. Is this advance or retard? (im new to timing)
Is there anything else you guys think it could be.


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16* base timing advance is oem. graba $15 timing light, and turn the car on and wathc the light hit the crank pulley.


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and if not, .038 - .048" is the range for stock plugs for b-series
So i replaced the cap, rotor, and plugs. I also took it to a shop for them to check the timing. They said it was right on. My motor still bogs and doesn't have the power it should on acceleration. Any more suggestions. The motor isnt throwing any codes. I have the stock 94 civic ex exhaust on the car. Could that be the culprit? AHHHH, im so stressed out.


Possibly, but I don't tihnk it would hender performance to the level of calling it bogging. Have you done a compression check?
I guess ill check the compression tomorro. How long does it take for the ECU to fully program itself. My friend said his civic bogged for about a week but then quit. But his still pulled hard when it wasn't bogging, mine does not. When it is not bogging it is still lacking power
Originally posted by spectacle@Jul 8 2005, 04:40 PM
how's your fuel setup? any mods to injectors or wiring?
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I dont have any mods to the fuel system or the wiring. all i did was extend the o2 senor wires and ran a knock sensor. The ecu doesn't throw any codes so as far as I know everything is hooked up correctly. I replaced the spark plug wires and fuel filter today and still no improvement.