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I'm just about that action Boss.
Would this engine be a good deal if I traded the guy my d16z6 thats in my car and some cash also for it?

With these mods:
JDM B16A-SIR II-10.5-1 comp ratio
spoon headgasker-10.8-1 comp ratio
Cam gears
JDM Flywheel
ACT six puck w/ xtreme PP
DC sport header & stock header
short ram intake
intetm. shaft
wire harness
all mounts except tranny mounts
NO TRANNY OR ECU.....needs a new TPS and a good cleaning....

actually if u think about it,. u should get it for a even trade cuz the trannyfor that is gonna be alot and make sure u get a lsd tranny then the ecu is gonna cost u out the butt too.
I wouldn't give him any cash.You have to buy axles,shiftlinkage,tranny,ECU,TPS,a mount and who knows what else.That's going to be more expensive buying it in pieces than if you bought it as part of a complete set up.
Good Idea. I shall consider that in the negotiation process, and my mom is being stupid about money, so I don't htink I will give him any. Its obd1, came from a 92-95 civic.
he said obd1. I think it's a negotiable deal. If you give him your engine, tranny, and ECU, I think it should be called an even trade.
Originally posted by Slammed89Integra@Apr 7 2003, 12:06 AM

There's really no need to bump something that is still at the top of the page. <_<
How many miles are on it? I probably wouldn't give him cash either. Why the hell does he want a D16 over his mildly built B16 anyway?
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Apr 9 2003, 11:07 AM
Why the hell does he want a D16 over his mildly built B16 anyway?

somethings not right there