B16a swap in a 95 civic ex, will not start,

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So i did a b16a swap in my 95 civic ex, it only starts with starting fluid, and when it does start is stuck in limp mode, it throws code 14 but i suspect i have other issues then that, its obd1. P28 ecu, it was an obd1 dizzy with an obdo plug on it so we just put and obd1 plug back on it im guessing, all the injectors look like they fire at once, umm, i have no idea what to do iv checked all my sensors on the intake they look fine and the one to the left of the map tested out fine, idk where to go from here and i dont wanna just throw parts at it but i dont really wanna take it to a shop either, i put the d16a injectors in the fuel rail to match my harness, they have little spacers where it bolts down, idk if there suposed to be in there or not i just swapped them over,, um, put the d16a alternator on there with a different belt no problems there, any ideas? I was thinking about messing with the injector resistor box or maybe a new dizzy, the engine may have been obdo, the dizzy was obdo and thr alternator, everything else seamed to plug in fine
Welcome to hondaswap, I believe what you're speaking of is using OBD1 injectors with a obd0 fuel injector resistor box if you are using OBD1 injectors you do not need the box there was a plug you can buy I recommend the company that sponsors my car MonoTech on eBay they have a page also to delete that or he can make you a custom harness for your car is rather inexpensive and worth it post up some pictures of your car bud
If you are using the obd0 injectors you need a resistor box if you are using the OBD1 injectors you don't need a resistor box