B16a To 92 Civic Eg6 Vx

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hey wassup guys. im new in this area, just need help on this one problem... i spent my whole spring break week working on my engine swap and the whole motor and harness is in. everything runs fine the engine runs smooth... but one thing my engine check lite is on and it wont turn off when the car is running.. what could this be? i thought its the knock sensor because i didnt rewire anything to that yet till today... i worked on the knock sensor wiring today and start it up still the engine lite still on. wats the prob? help me out. thanks.
wat codes ya talking about??? how can i do that.. well to the vx guy i have the sir2. the hydraulic tranny one. its still lighting up that engine check code... took my car off the road today and it runs fine... VTEC and all works great. but its just that engine check lite... hmmmmmm ?
To pull the CEL codes,you need to jump the service connector at the ECU,in the passenger side kickpanel.It will give you a series of flashes (long/short) that will tell you your problem.