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hey guys,

i was considering putting a si head and ecu on my vx hatch, but now i am leaning towards a B16A swap.. i have a few concerns though.
first, is it a good idea to swap an older engine into my 92, i mean will it be reliable??
second, since the B16A has a cable tranny, would i be better off getting another tranny from another b series engine like a ls or newer sir??

i have herd good and bad things about this swap. Your 2 cents would be appreciated..


The cost of getting a hydraulic tranny and the ECU distributor,injectors make just getting the right motor in the first place a better idea.It comes out to about the same.
:werd: Just get an SiR II motor. The extra 500 bucks is worth the huge headache you will avoid. And you get an extra 10 hp.
either get the B16a SIR II or go with ls B18b, stay with OBD1 engines. :D , otherwise you'll be fucking around with wiring to much.