B16a1 Swap

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I was wondering if anyone out there knew if its possible to fit a b16a1 into an 89' honda prelude

i have the type s version and that has a 2bl carb engine. It really sucks. So I want to put a b16 into it so I can get more power.



not without a lot of custom work. it doesn't just bolt in.

sell the car dude.... its not worth hooking up.


prawjEKt Cx

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it's so bad when somebody asks what it takes to put a certian motor in their car and somebody goes "sell the car" it's so bad..... but i'm most cases it's true. your case isn't an exception to the rule


I wanna be sedated
I am going to have to agree that swapping in a motor unless it was from the same ballpark as the car you have is going to be way more trouble than it is worth.I have a friend with a 88 accord and he wanted to swap something,I broke it down to him and now he happily drives his stock car.
My 2 cents leave it alone and enjoy it or get into a vehicle that has potential.Not that you couldn't get your car into the 9's but it is going to be another car anyway by the time your done,know what I mean.