b16a2 obd1 into EK

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Ok im kinda new here as you can probably see and im from England.
i have searched the forum but havnt been able to find out exactly what im lookg for so here goes...
i own a 1998 obd2a ej9, thats a d14a4 engined car, i had a d16z6 ready to go in untill someone offered me a direct swap for their b16.
it came out of an EG, iv got the loom, engine, box, all shafts, linkage p30 ecu, and obd2a > obd1 conv harness, now i know it would be easier to just of got a b16a2 out of a obd2a car but it was a direct swap.

what else do i need?
iv been told, get a converter harness for the dizzy, swap alternator for a obd2a one, swap injector plugs over and one sensor on the intake and that is it? is this right?


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when i say swap the plugs and stuff over i mean off the eg loom and put them onto a obd2a b16 loom


Everything plugs right in.

Only thing you have to do is run wires for VTEC and the knock sensor. Simple swap.