B16a2 Or B18c1 Or H22a?

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I have a problem, i have a '93 civic coupe dx. I've just found out that i cannot swap a b16a1 into my car cuz i haf a hydro trans. Is that true? I want to do a swap but all my frens telling me i should sell my piece crap and i don't want to cuz its ma' first car. So should i get b16a2, b18c1 (obviously US$900 more than b16a2) or h22a (which is the same price like b16a2). Should i sell my car or do a swap?
actually the ideal b16 to put in your car is the b16aSiR II because it is OBD1, the b16a2 only came in obd2 unless it is a EDM engine but that is rare. (a2 cost a little more and you need to do a little more wiring.) Have you ever thought of going turbo? If turbo is ever in your future, get the b18b, great enexpensive engine. H22 sucks unless you have an accord or prelude or a civic that is strickly drag (cause the handeling kinda sucks)
you can swap a b16a in, but in my opinion it is not worth it, just swap in a b16sir2, here is my reasoning:
The B16a is OBD0 and your car is OBD1, you have to convert the engine to run in your car. which means new distributor and injectors. then you have to buy the mount kit from HASport that allows a cable tranny to fit in a hydro car it is like $225 bucks. I do not know what state you live but in california and a few others you have to buy an engine that is of the same year of newer than your car for emissions purposes. An H22 will probably cost a little more than an sir2 to put in, and have more power there are a few down sides to it. You will have a fast daily driver and an excellent drag car, but at high speeds in turns it will have some under steer. You will also most likly lose you AC with an H22. The B18C is like a 1.8l version of the b16 and will do you well you just have to decide if you want to spend the cash for it.
Good Luck man...

I disagree with aSmallsol when he says the H22 sucks. If you are going to race with it on like a road or AutoX course I would not want an H22 in my 5th gen, but you want it for a daily driver or a badass drag car then i would say go for it. I have actually drive an h22 fith gen hatch, and it was bad ass I drove it in the city and it was a haulass daily driver.
hi again, thanx for the info surely a 16 year old like dunno nothin like that yet. I found a web site that sell sir2 for US$1850 complete with the
Engine Wiring Harness
All required Cables
Complete Intake Manifold
Power Steering Pump
All Brackets and Sensors
Shiftlinkage ($75 extra)

since my car is hydro trans. i don' need to get anyting from Hasport.com rite?
besides all this stuff do i need anything else fer tha swap?

thanx lotz
sounds like osaka. stay away from that shit hole
Originally posted by civicgRim_rIppeR@Jan 23 2003, 07:35 AM
wut do u mean stay away from that shit hole?

issit like hella whack ass engine they sent u?

They have been having problems getting people engines in one piece.There is a thread around here that links to a discussion about them.
i wouldn't trust buying from osaka with a $5 part.... let a lone a 3000 motor. fuck them. they've had too much trouble- their CS sucks- their motors SUCK.
you get what you pay for.

click on our banners-- raceup, hybrid revolution both sell motors and support us and have a good rep. their prices might even come pretty close.
i say hmotorsonline.com or flashoptions.com
i'm not sure what hmotors shipping prices are, but flashoptions charges $330 and they ship to "a port near you" which is all good if you live on/near the coast, otherwise go with hmotors.
i've heard worse about hondamotorsonline.com than osaka, it's gotta be hard to please everybody in the damn country without screwing up... i havn't heard anything bad about flash options
Originally posted by prawjEKt Cx@Jan 23 2003, 07:59 AM
i've heard worse about hondamotorsonline.com than osaka, it's gotta be hard to please everybody in the damn country without screwing up... i havn't heard anything bad about flash options

Yea, i hard a lot of bad about homotorsonline.com but since then, they have seen to clean their shit up and be decent now. I haven't heard anything from Flash Options, a lot of the 240sx guys were gonna order from there, but i havent' heard anything back yet.
no what turned me off to hmotors was there was a kid in another forum that i used, and he ordered a full ITR swap, and i mean if your selling a ITR swap you kinda go the extra mile to make the customer happy, but he had tons of smashed sensors and a whole bunch of wrong parts just thrown on, i cant think of all what it was, but they would kinda fix the problem, but make him pay the shipping, then it got to the point where they weren't even answering his calls, kinda pathetic
i ordered a B18C/R from hmotorsonline
it came in PERFECT condition
everything is clean (looks new)
all the sensors are there and in one piece
it tested great
and they even included a del sol VTEC shift linkage for me
steve was always there to answer any questions or concerns i had
overall it was a very good experience

appreciate for the help pplz that post up msgs up in here.
better than talkin to ma' frenz.....they dun really know shitz
i prolly got some more question in the future.......
I was thinking about getting a motor swap from hmotors.com. But im skeptical now, what about that flashpoint one?
hmotorsonline.com is good - no worries
hybridrevolution.com is a new place with conenctions and good prices.
raceup.com has some stuff as well- check them out.

flash options is cheap too- but they only ship to a "port near you"

stay the F away from osaka. i hope they go out of business.