B16a2 Question

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ne one know where i can get a b16a2 in So. Cali. from?

im in so. cali. and would like to pick it up myself to save the shipping charges and so i can visually inspect the engine
to make sure it is worth buying. i do not trust online sites. too many fucking heebs out there trying to make a quick buck
off unsuspecting customers....and i AM the type of asshole who would sue and cause all kinds of legal aggravation
for these "wise guy" shops out there.

i want a straight deal. no funny shit.

so to recap, b16a2 obdII, plus all parts necessary to complete the swap.

about how much should i expect to pay for one?

<<edit>> yes, i was originally thinking about turbo or super charging my stock engine.
BUT in doing the research, i found that greddy does not make a smog legal kit for the d series,
AND with some great thought, 3100.00 for a jackson racing supercharger that gives only 40hp
just didnt rub me the right way.

also, if anyone knows ANYTHING about how to make a OBDII JDM B16 smog legal....please spread the wealth

Go to watanabe in lynwood. Its not to far from long beach off the 710. You could probably get the b16 for a good price. Here is the info:

11550 Wright Road
Lynwood, CA 90262 U.S.A.

Fax 310-763-6429
thanks eg, but i thought they only had jdm engines?

im lookin for usdm to facilitate the smog process....

correct me if im wrong someone...
and ya i know where they are at....right by the 710 and 105 fwy (i think)
I heard about area 51 but i heard from people that import builders is much better. But it's all up to you. Check all the places out. I did about 2 months research before getting my motor swap. do not go to pit crew though, they take too damn long.
IMO, both area 51 and IB are good shops, but they are out of your budget, and performance level. they build motors, more than swap them
too bad Rich from RS doesnt do swaps anymore....he and Bisi did my ZC swap way back in the day, and it came out tits!!!