B16a2 Swap Instructions

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does anyone have some thourough instructions on how to swap a B16A2 into a 95 Civic EX coupe. Preferabley with pics.
I have decided to tackle this project myself instead of having a shop do it. I have basic mechanical knowledge. I've swapped out trannies and other little things so I'm not exactly a beginner and I have all the tools needed(engine hoist, torque wrench, a shit load of hand tools, manuals, and a friend helping me out).

I need to know about possible problems I might run into.
Which motor mounts do I need to use?
Does the B16A2 have a knock sensor?
Do I need to extend any wires?
What's the deal with the O2 sensor issue? How many does it have? Do I need any additional wiring fo the O2 sensors?
Any help you guys can give me would be of great help.
Also, what will I have to do to get the ECU to work with my current wiring. My car is already wired for VTEC so that's not a problem but I need to know how I'm going to get the OBD2 ECU to work with my OBD1 wiring.

Please help!!!!
read up on the reference and FAQ sections. there should be alot of answers there for you.

Knock sensors are present on VTEC motors.
O2 sensor depends on your OBD.

there are guides around, I think like Super Street even has a guide. Look in 5G tech also
i checked the FAQ and articles sections. i couldn't find anything on it.

Could I use an ECU from a del sol Vtec with a B16A2 engine???
I need to find out how I can get my OBD1 car to accept the OBD2 ECU and engine.

Here is a step by step with pics,but it isn't that detailed as far as wiring.pics.The B16A2 should have a knock,so you need to run htat wire,and you will probably need to extend the wires on the vtec side to meet the plugs.About the o2,not sure how to wire it to work.