B16A2 swap swap not running good !

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:confused:OK the swap was into a EK9 1997 civic
and everything looks good except that I'm getting a code saying my IACV is not working I think is P1580 not very sure my engine starts but RPMS go up and down quick i swaped the IACV from the one I had on the D16Y8 and still doing the same the ECU is the same as the one it was on the Si so everything is OBDII
Have you tried checking your TPS sensor? That can cause the fluxuation in rpm's as well.
idle problem?

:confused:yeah i have checked my TPS changed and cleaned the IACV I have 4 of them and any one of them get rid of the cel or the RPMS jumping up and down also tried another throttle I have a 70 MM and I have the one from the d16y8 and the problem still there

i also have a P28 sitting there and installed too and does the same thing as the one from the Si I will try again tomorrow to see what else I can check
ohh I also chaned the PCV valve as well
Im pretty new at this but if there is an air bubble in the coolant in the iac valve it could be a cause or if there is a vacuum leak, like anything after the throttle body, (gasket)? Vac hose?
IACV valve not working

:DOK problem fixed it was one of the wires that goes to the ECU was in the wromg spot so I just rewired and that's it!
got the second O2 sensor connected so no more CEL thanks
idle problem? now is code PO505

:confused:OK got the car running went out for a spin and took it to pass the emissions since it was due the car drove fine all the way there about 20 miles got there and passed
well after I got done and everything I start driving to work and my check light came back on I checked when I got to work the code is PO505 now so what else can I do?
P0505 Idle Control System Malfunction
Did you remove Black/Blue strip wire A14 and switch it to A12 empty slot if you haven't you need to do that and completely remove Orange wire A13 just tape the end. This is fixing your IACV from 3 wire to 2 wire repin.
Good Luck!