B16asir2 With Ls Or Crv Crank.

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Sup guyz! I was just wondering if anyone out there can help me out. I was gotta swap out my b16a2 into a b20, but change my mind because i don't want to miss vtec so i plan to put a ls crank or b20 crank into the b16 instead. Can i put a ls crank into my b16? Will it help a lot? Any torque gain? or will it be reliable? thanks,
I am not 100% sure on this, but I don't think the LS or CRV crank will work in that block. The only B16 with the proper deck height for that crank is the B16B.
sounds reasonable ls/vtec...

how about the rods/pistons?? i'm sure it would have to do with those as well...
no, you can't put that crank in there... maybe if you did some shaving on the inside of the block, and used custom rods... possibly... i think you would be better off using the whole bottom end from a B20 or B18A/B then put your b16 head on it... make sure you build it right though