B16B into an EG Hatch

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Hi all

My first post on here so please go easy on me :)

Ive currently got a 1992 EG6 with loads of bits on it blahh, but thats going soon to make way for a Japanese import EG5 D15B. And im also buying a B16B to drop into it.

Now im relativly good with mechanics, but this is the first engine swap im gonna be attempting, and i just wanna make sure ive got everything i need, and i dont go do something stupid :blink:

Heres the info on the engine:

The engine/tranny have approximately 20,000 miles on them and are in excellent condition.

B16B Block
Intake Manifold
Complete Head
Exhaust Manifold
Fuel Rail
Injectors (also have spares)
Throttle Body
Exhaust Manifold
Hasport Linkage set
S4C LSD Transmission
Hasport Engine Mounts
Engine Wiring Harness OBD1


Now i know im gonna need an ECU i was thinking a chipped P30 or P28 to get me going, then a S200 or better later.

Ive done a search on alot of bb's (h-tech, a a few others this one included) and theres alot of topics about dropping B16B's into EK's but not into EG's, im sure the job isnt too disimilar but if anyone knows any difficulties, or if im missing anything, any help would be much appreciated.




Get yourself a 96-98 Integra ITR harness and the swap will be pretty much as easy as a D series swap, you'll just be using B series parts :)


Originally posted by Chris_Gee@Jul 16 2005, 06:59 PM
Ok thanks for that, so am i gonna be better off running a STD OBD2 EK9 ecu?

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I wouldn't. I would still use an OBD I P28 chipped to the right specs. One reason is, you won't have to dick with a conversion harness, and OBD I lends a more open enviroment for tuning if you want later on do some building.


i have a 01 B18C/R in my 93 sol running off a chipped P28 and a VAFC... no complaints here :)
although i probly will upgrade from the VAFC to something that allows more precise tuning
thanks guys :worthy:

Now ive just gotta find myself a good condition JDM Yellow EG5 to drop the engine into :D

Thanks for your help

Hi again all

I thought i would "revive" my old thread save making a brand new one.

this project has come along way sinc ei last posted and is almost finished.

A quick question if you will pls tho.

Ive got my B16B OBD2-B engine and loom, i have my OBD2-B B16B ecu, ive got my OBD1-OBD2-B conversion harness, and ive got my OBD1 ecu/interior loom.

My question is, having decided that i want a knock sensor (as its ment to have one) and bought a brand new one (so it will work), i realised i would need to wire it in, at least from the shock tower plug to the ecu. Upon investigation with my faithful multimetre in hand, i discovered that the kock sensor is wired to the shock tower plugs and on the ecu side it already has an ajoining wire!

The wire on this side goes direct to the ecu - but it apears to be wired into ecu pin out A20, which is the EVAP Purge Solenoide.

Now from what i can see and read the b16b lacks a evap, so would i be safe to just remove the pin from A20 and move it over to D3 (where the kncok sensor is ment to go) ? and save myself running wires.

Or am i missing the plot?

Ive looked over all the usual pin out diagrams etc and yes i realy do wnat a knock sensor :wink: and im not one who posts without at least trying to find out the info.

Also i take it that every other sensor etc should plug in spot on without any messing around? (excuse my paranoia, its just i want everything tested and sorted before i rebuild it all together)

Many thanks