b17 block

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ok talk to me, my boy has a b17 block freshly sleeved and he wants to sell it, i was thinking about it because i want to build a block for boost. now what i was wondering what internals can i use in that block? i see the bore is 81 just like all the other b series blocks (i know not the b20) and the stroke is 81.4. now i was wondering because i am not finding much as for parts for the b17. so i was wondering can i use some parts out the b18 and the b16 to make up for it or what let me know because i want to build a good block and that one is already sleeved it is an option for me thanks guys
or should i just get a b18b block and go from there? do i need to sleeve the b18b block to hold 8-10 psi of boost?

also i was wondering is it possible to take a block like the b17 or if i get a b18/a/b/c can i turn it to a obd2 setup just for the sensors and stuff
the B17 is a factory stroked B16. essentially. you can contact eagle and have custom rods made. but im damn sure they make a set for the 92-93 GSR. which is what car the engine came form.