B17 Gsr Engine

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My friend bought a wrecked 95 integra LS and was wondering if a 93 B17 GSR motor will drop in or what will have to be done to make it fit?

Also could a B18b1 5 speed tranny bolt up to the B17 engine?


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That tranny will bolt to the engine, and the engine will drop right in. That being said, the Gen 3 is signifcantly heavier than the Gen 2, that engine may not have the torque to pull your car around as fast as you would like. That tranny works, but it is not the best choice for that engine. The gears are too long. And you would need to get a 93 or 94-95 GSR ECU to run the engine.


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Also that tranny from the 93 gsr will be cable, your car is hydro. It wont simply bolt up, needs a conversion. Find a hydro tranny, much better choices out there in hydro trannys. :)

That motor is so rare, sell it and buy something more useful in those heavy ass cars.