B17a1 partout, high preformance & stock 93 gsr

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Name: Jonathon Brown
Email Address / Paypal address : Mp3ster@gmail.com
Phone Number: 7403581667
Location: Central Ohio

Whats up guys? Im parting out my integra, thus far i have removed the following stuff and am putting it up for sale. Il leave everything on here for about a week, then its going to ebay!

Everything on this list has about 4,000 miles on it!

Open To All OFFERS!!!

First off:

1.) Thermal Research and Development Turbo model Stainless exhaust : 3" Stainless steel. Like new condition, there are a few scratches on the end pipe, but nothing big. Has a very nice deep sound, not to raspy.
List price: $707.05
Buy mine!: 500 shipped for catback portion, $700 for whats seen in the pic, includes 3" high flow cat + custom turbo setup downpipe w/ 3" vband!

2.)Half Din PWR Radiator with permacool fan : Title says it all, single core, had no problems cooling my turbo teg setup in ohio summer heat! Theres a pretty big ding in it, but it holds water perfectly!
List price: $300
Buy Mine!: $160 Shipped

3.)90-93 Integra head light Assembly with mounts : Yep thats it! Good shape, no breaks or nicks or scratches.
Buy Mine! : SOLD!

4.)Action Clutch assembly (stage 4) : 6 puck unsprung disk, fidanza flywheel. Only 4,000 on setup! Everything is in really good shape, a little heat scoring but looks really good! Damn near brand new! Good engagement, i used this clutch on the street. Not to hard for me, but wouldnt let my girlfriend try to drive it.
List price : $470+
Buy Mine!: $325 shipped! <---- less than the cost of the clutch disc and pressure plate!

5.) OEM Integra Wheels with Falcon Azenis tires, less than 100 miles on the tires!
Buy Mine! : Make offer (pickup only) SOLD!!!!

6.) Mirrors : Folding, Red in color, could use paint good glass.
Buy Mine! : 50 for the pair, shipped. SOLD!!!!!

7.)OEM Steering wheel: Good shape.
Buy Mine! : Make offer SOLD!!!!!

8.) Door panels : Black in color, power windows, Great Shape!
Buy Mine: Make offer SOLD!!!!

9.)OEM Fog Lights (Bumper Lights)
Buy Mine! Make offer SOLD!!!

10.)Koni Yellows with H&R springs : Great shape, no leaky seals, only 4,000 miles on this setup! Comes with upper mounts.
List: $742
Buy Mine! : $500 Shipped!

11.)OEM Wing : Needs paint, red in color.
Buy Mine!: Make Offer. SOLD!!!!!

11..)Braided Steel Brake Lines : In good shape, 4,000 miles old!
Buy Mine!: Make offer! Just Fronts!!

12.)Fenders: Good shape, driver side has a nick in it by where the hood closes. Red in color.
Buy Mine!: Make offer! SOLD!!!!

Coming soon: FULLY BUILT B17A1!!! SOLD!!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me, PM me, or call me!
Items will ship the following business day after payment as been sent!

If you are interested in ANYTHING else from the car please contact me!

Pics can be seen at :
Picasa Web Albums - Jon - Integra parts

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Just sold the B17a1. So Motor sold, need to sell the rest of this stuff!
I have one attached to a JG Eldebrock VictorX 4764 manifold. Its a ported and the throttle plate is mirrored.

Make offer on TB, or 325 shipped for both.
do you happen to have the trans and axles still? And is it manual?

Oh yeah, and are you parting out the shell? If so, how much for the hood, front driver side fender and hatch?

Just bought a rs that needs a trans but it has some rust and dents...
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i dont actually, sorry. I can get you some on the 8th. Im visiting my girlfriend in Ft. Lauderdale until then.