b18/16 mounts?

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never had a honda
will the b18/16 stock mounts bolt straight up to a 98 civic ex. or will i have to buy diffrent ones.
In regards to this PM you sent me...

ok you seem to know more about this then me this is my first honda which you may have read was the 98 civic ex. if i do a b-series will the stock b-series mounts work or will i have to buy new ones.. the motor an trans are coming out of a 92 integra. call me stupid but if i pull the motor an trans will that ecu an everything work on my car?

...you can bolt this in with factory mounts, but you need the correct ones. B-series mounts from a 99-00 Si or a 94-01 Integra should work. Or you can buy an aftermarket mount kit from Hasport or Innovative.

In regards to the wiring, no, it won't just plug in and go. Do some research on OBD systems. You'll need to either convert the engine to run OBD2 or convert your car to run OBD1 (that's what the engine is). I would just get a conversion harness that will convert the car to OBD1 assuming you don't need to pass any type of yearly inspections that involves computer diagnostics...