b18 engine swap in 89 crx si.. wiring problems. and ideas?

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i put a b18 into my crx and i cant get the plugs to fire. it will try to crank with key and everything.. i hooked a ground up that was on the back of the engine and they started firing for a while. but they stopped again. i have no idea what to do. please let me know any ideas you would have..

oh and my starter doesnt like to engage fromt key everytime. it will just click like fifty times then it will start to work for a while then start to click again.. the battery is full and if i put a wire from the starter to the battery it will work. any ideas?
Sounds to me like you have grounding problems.

Sounds to me like you have grounding problems. You have all of your 3 main grounds grounded? Also that ground you were talking about, just cause u tightened it and it may have worked for a while, try loosening it up and verifying that its actually still grounded. I've seen a ground be good for a while, then not.
i have the ground from the head to the body. the ground from battery to the body then to the transmission.(right where the clutch cable hooks) then the one on the back of the engine. i took the one on the back of the engine off and sanded around it for a better ground and scuffed up the copper piece the bolt goes through. still nothing. i stripped the plastic sheath from around the bundle of wires to see if it was broke or something but nothing..
any more ideas from anyone??
im at a loss here.
and it only likes to click when i try to start it with the key.
what could that be
I had a similar problem with the starter on my 1989 CRX Si. Sometimes, it would just click..click..click and the starter wouldn't turn the motor. I took it to the mechanic, they replaced the starter and it still wouldn't start. I replaced the main relay, no luck.

After dealing with it for years, I finally figured out the problem was the idiot switch on the clutch pedal. Basically, there is button near the top of the clutch pedal arm that prevents you from starting the car without the clutch pushed in. All I did was cut the two wires going to it and splice them together, effectively bypassing the switch. Since I am the only one that drives the car I don't need to worry about any idiots trying to start it without pushing in the clutch.

Funny thing is, I own a 1981 Porsche 911SC that doesn't have the switch at all. If you are dumb enough, you can start the car with it in gear. I guess the Germans trust their drivers more than the Japanese.

Hope that helps.