B18a Crx

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I just bought a 91 crx si and i am going to be doing a swap. It will be a b18a from the 92-93 integra which pushes 140hp and 127ftlbs. I read stuff about crx's with b18's pushing around 145-150 hp just a few basic bolt ons runs anywhere from 14.1-14.5 is that true?
My set up is the b18a with the cable clutch sir tranny(b16a tranny) from japan with the ls 5th gear depending on where the b16a sits cruising at around 65 in 5th gear does anyone have an si with the b16 that can tell me what rpm they are at when they are goin 65-70?....I know quite a bit about the swap i pretty much have it down EXCEPT maybe a little help on some wiring...if anyone knows maybe a web link where they tell you the wiring set up please post it that would help...

or this...b18a is pretty much the same thing as a b20 except engine enternals SOOO b18a and buy a b20 crank to grab on some more torque and possiblly even putting the b20 head on but leaving the b18a intake manifold to make my smog easier....prolly be pushing about 150-160hp BUT with alot of torque prolly enough to where i have to get a really good clutch or i wouldnt stop spinning my tires....what ya think?


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Check the first link in my sig, The sites deticated to b16 swaps but its great wiring stuff. I dont know how much wiring youll have to do for the b18, i think you just forget the vtec solinoid and vtec oil pressure switch. Hope this helps some. As to the hybrid tranny there... sorry, dont have a clue.


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Hey man, ya this weekend im doing my b18a swap into my CRX, the thing is about the 92-93 b18a is that it is obdII which makes ur wiring job a little more bitchy, the 90-91 are Obd0 so its just like taking our ur old Si engine tranny and axels and putting them back in, cept ur new engine is the teg, and its pretty easy ( ive already done 1 in my car b4 then i broke it), anyway the B16a tranny is good but its closer to 4300 rpm at 60, which is pretty high, the b16a 1-4 and b18a 5th gear sounds like a good choice but ive never heard of it being done b4. If u do go the obd2 way go to hasport and get everything to change it to obd1, or get a 1990-1991 integra IM Distrib and everything needed to change it to obd1, sadly i have driven both a 92-93 B18a CRX and my old 91 b18a CRX and its barely noticable, its like a lil more tug but doesnt really amount to much more. as far as #'s go my old b18a threw down a 14.56 ( in Vancouver CAnada), just running a short ram intake Headers exhaust and Cam gears, i also have lightened flywheel. my guess is tranny will kick off a 1/4 second and same with the little more power u have. so u could be looking at a low 14 second car when its call done.I'll post my problems with my swap on monday when im expecting to be finished.


cool thanks actually i think it goes 90-91 integ obd0 and 92-93 obd1 94-now is odb2 but it wont matter i dont know just whatever i can find with less miles ya know...acually yea i have talked to a guy from crx performance and he said it would be a good idea if im gonna use it as a way to work and stuff to go ahead with my plan on the ls 5th gear...save me some damn gas here...
yea my brothers buddy works at a shop he knows ALOT about all this swap which actually i know quite a bit too so i'll be cool...also i was doin research on electric turbos i found some stuff on what ones work and what ones are jokes there was only 2 but they were around 120 on ebay and they push enough cfms to make the stock cfm a stock t3 turbo makes so im thinking of just goin with that for now because they dont mess with ur engine,cheap, and u can turn it on and off with a swtich also can save ya more gas :) yea and oh anyone who wants to buy a 89 crx dx its pretty damn nice but has 200k miles but can go plenty more just let me know thanks for the links too.........


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The B18A never came in OBDII, I don't know where you came up with that. 90-91 was OBD0, 92-93 was OBD1. The 94+ are not OBDII either. The B18B from 94-95 was OBD1, and from 96+ was OBD2 ( a and b ).