b18a in crx si

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hey what is all required for wireing a b18a in an 89 crx si? I'm either going with a b16a swap or a b18a. I like the torque from the b18a and the possibility of the vtec conversion but i also like the already vtec b16a. Which is best?
I personally like the b18a. Its cheaper to start with, around $400 or so cheaper maybe more if you can find one at a local junkyard, and it definately has more potential. If you do some nice head work, ie cams, springs and retainers (around $1k) you have a high revving (sp?) motor with alot of torque. And then there is always the possibility of turbo!!! I am working on the same project, crx with ls swap, but I am building for turbo. Good luck.