B18a Into 94 Civic Cx?

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Hey guys, I have a 94 CX and I am getting ready to do a swap. I got some Integra mounts, got a B18A1 with a cable tranny, axles, and ECU available from a friend when I'm ready. He told me I might need hubs or spindles due to the Integra axles? He is a 4th gen guy, doesn't know much about 5th gens, and neither do I. Also what do I need to make the cable tranny work in a hydro car? I know I need a different radiator hose, and maybe an AC bracket? Gotta keep the AC for daily drive purposes. Any other misc parts I might need? And good sources for any parts I need? Thanks for the time!

hasport makes a kit for your tranny but from what i have heard doing that is very difficult. better off buying a hydro tranny. check out the link on this site about b16a into 5th gen .
this is a bit off topic, but will a "ZC" bolt up to my existing CX tranny? What ECU would I use to run that setup. Please don't blast me for the question :) I know everyone says the "ZC" is a waste of time, but I just want 120HP or more for my daily driver :D