B18a Into 97 Hatch

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alright guys decided to ditch the mini-me and do a b-seris swap....ok here it goes.....i have 1990 B18A longblock.....got a 94 GS-R hydro tranny.....have the skunk 2 conversion harness to convert OBD-2 to OBD-1......got all engine mounts to a 94 GS-R......ok now what do i need to perform the swap???....will these mounts work???....which axels???....will the B18A harness work with my car???....if not then which will???....which ECU will i need???.....hMmmm i think that is all if there is anything else please tell me......i want to do this swap......thank you and have a nice day!!!
your obd2-1 harness is useless on an obd0 motor dude.

wtf you doing mang!

this is going to be a pain in the ass to hook up.

sell it. theres like 5 guys in classfieds who want a b18a right now.

take that, and pick up a b18b from a 96-97 teg, score some 99-00 si mounts (see our 6th gen swap guide for more info on these) and use teg mounts for the rest
aside from the legal issues (in many places it is illegal to put in an engine older than the car) you are putting an OBD-0 engine in an OBD-2 car ... you have the conversion harness so now you are running as an OBD-1 car with an OBD-2 harness ... you have a 1 piece harness that goes all the way to the ECU the B18 harness you have plugs in at the shock tower (it wont work) i dont think your OBD-2 harness will plug into much on the engine though.... but thats just a matter of soldering on new (old) plugs.... your gunna need an OBD-1 ECU, B series axles, integra shift linkage, the mounts will work.... id check with the local laws first though ... it would suck to do all this work just to find out the car is no longer street legal
hmmm.....what if i just keep the B18A block and use everything else from the B18B???.....will this setup be better or just the same thing???....will i still have problems with the harness???....legal issues are not my concern....thanks for replying so fast.....
yeah just use 94-95 LS sensors, most of it will plug in, but there's still alot that's not, a whole lotta work, but after you buy a new distributor and shit your not gonna be profiting by buying a b18a over a b18b