b18a or b

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Nothing, some people say is better, that they have more HP, but sometimes they are more expensive then the USDM, and the JDM have less miles.
in one week ill do my swap and my b18a will be for sale 400 obo. let me know cause i need the money it has 135,000 miles and no leakes i replaced gaskets. needs valves adjusted no biggy. runs great has nice deep tone. comes with everything tranny and all. im deciding about if i want the ecu or not that will be 50 extra or maybe less let me know i live in kenwood anything else i forgot then let me know. oh yeah included is matrix cold air intake.
actually 750 for the whole swap includes all the things i meantioned above, ecu, tranny, intake, i mean everything. once again let me know cause i dont want it sitting in my garage for no reason. the price can be negotiated. i think i spelled that wrong.