B18a Stuff For Sale Cheap!

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Parting out b18a and Dseries
I am parting out a 91 B18a with 95,XXX miles. Let me know what you need:

-Throttle Body w/sensors- $40
-Color-changing Valve Cover -$60
-Complete Head -$100
-Complete Block -$100
-Intake Manifold -$30
-Oem Flywheel/Clutch -$60
-Lightened and Resurfaced Flywheel -$140
-Complete Distributor $65
-Wire Harness, Starter, Alternator, AC Assembly, Ps Pump- make offer

-Chrome Polished 92-95 SOHC valve cover-$55
-Dx Head Complete
-Stainless 4-1 header-$150
-95 d16z6 Tranny w/79k -$125
-Resurfaced 95 ex flywheel -$120

-Also parting out engine and tranny from 91 Civic dx

I will take any reasonable offers.