B18A Swap


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IM trying to put a B18A in my 98 honda civic can someone explain the process and the things i need to change and what motor mounts do i need and what not, hopefully somneone can help me


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dont use a B18A
that is quite possibly the worst idea ever

get an OBD-2 B18B


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that motor is def. not worth the work it would take to swap it into an OBD II car- go to hmotorsonline and order a b18b or b18c1- you'll thank us later


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Someone tell him why it isnt worth... Ok I will...

B18A1's were only produced in two OBD forms, OBD-0 and 1. The B18B1 were produced in 3, OBD-1 (94-95), 2A (96-98) and 2B (98+). So with this said since your car is a 98 its OBD2A, just get a 98 or newer Integra motor, or for 900 from hmotors you can get a CRV motor which will go directly in via some help form a mount kit and shift linkage mod. If I missed anything, let me know.


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well see the problem is i dont have the money for a B18b i blem my d series and i got the b series for free from my little brothers integra and i have to put it in bc ive already starrted is there anyone who could just help me in how to get it to work i have no prblem with the work i just need to know how exactlly tomake it work


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Ok thanks anything else is should know, that would help me out alot, i wish i had the moiney for another motor but i kinda have to workj with what i got...