B18a1 auto into a 91 dx auto?


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B18a1 auto into a 91 dx auto?

This is the help I need, I have a b18a1 with a autotrans, I’m goin to put it in a 91 dx that is auto. What all do I need in order for this to work? I know my general hardware I need for the swap, motor mount kit, ac braket (hasport). I need info on the wiring conversion, is there any sites I can get really good info on this conversion and “how to”? should I use the hasport throttle cable bracket or make my own so I can use the stock dx cable? What axles do I use (I already have the half shaft)? what do i need to do for the auto trans to work in the auto dx? Thanks for the help guys!!! All the info is greatly appreciated!

i have the motor and trans now, just pulling the motor apart, cleaning it up and hopefully money falls from the sky so i can throw some goodies into the motor while it is apart. thanks again!!!!