b18a1 complete


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I have a b18a1 for sale, aprox.80k on it. Complete engine, but no tranny. ECU can be included. Motor has vortech fuel pressure regulator on it, 4-2-1 header, red jdm style valve cover and has been well taken care of. Valve adjustments twice a year, oil changed every 3k with redline 10w30 and mobile1 filter. Also have the a/c compressor and powersteering pump. Like I said, the only thing not with the engine is the tranny. MSD 8.5mm wires are failry new and New NGK Irriduim plugs. MSD Clear Distr. and new rotor. Picture below is of the engnine in my car.


Make me an offer. Will ship in the US. Email me at tegrar@lycos.com

forgot too, just did compresion test and reads good across all cylinders, #1 149, #2 147, #3 145 and #4 139


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just wondering how much and where?

And not to knock your sale but either the motor has been beaten on or not taken care of.

My b18a1 has 180, 181, 180, 181 for the compression, about 110k miles on it.
My b18b1 had 185 in each cylinder with no dips. 43k I believe.

Maybe I'm just lucky, I dunno. If you want I'll delete this, but I'm just letting you know. If you hadn't posted up the compression results I woulda left this but you seem to be like an honest guy.


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I live in CT, and pretty much will just take an offer on it.

The motor was taken care of as long as I had it. and compresion test was done while still a little warm. But yes, did vary from cylinder to cylinder. But it does run very stong and will make for a great engine.

And I want to be honest, I'm not trying to screw anybody over, just need some extra cash for my new b16a.

Thanks for checking it out and shoot me an offer.