b18a1 into 93 hatch

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hey guys im new here so i hope this doesnt sound dumb, someone is selling a 90 teg gs for real cheap locally, my question is what all would be involved in taking the b18a1 out of there and swapping into a 93 dx, or if it is possible or not worth my time. thanks.
Ok, basically you are getting an entire donor car? I am assuming so, so here goes.

Take the engine, transmission, ECU, wiring harness is optional. The mounts might be handy to. you will also need the axels, but you need to get those out of a 3rd gen, I don't think a 90-93 will work. The swap itself is extremely easy, basically you can drop it straight in with a combination of the teggy and civic mounts, everything will bolt right up and plug right in. I am also assuming you already have a manual transmission setup. The only thing you are going to have to buy, as I said were the axels from a 94-01 teggy, but those are easy to get at just about any Wrecking Yard in your area. I think i got all the bases covered here... you might want to look into the rear disc and larger front disc conversion you can do with those Integras. I am not sure if the 2nd gen that you are getting can swap in rear discs, you might have to search that out.
ok sounds cool, the teg is a manual, i dunno the guy is selling fairly cheap, it has like 250,xxx miles on so i would rebuild it back to OE specs, nothing crazy. so everything should be a bolt in operation?
Yes, just i'm not sure about the engine mounts, you'll need someone who has done it to clarify, but i believe you may need 94+ teg mounts, or mix n' match the teg/civic mounts. You should be very happy with your decision to do this swap, good bit more power over the dx.