B18a1 Into An '88 Crx

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b18a1 rexboy

Junior Member
i just got an ls motor and i was wonderin if anyone can help me out with sum things... first..... will 2000 b16 axles fit in my ls or not?? also i got a friend selling a b16 o me for 800 bucks but with no tranny cuzz i need a cable tranny. will me tranny off my ls fit in dat b16?? thanks for the help....
Axles,86-89 teg axles w/90-93 teg inner joints or if you use a 90-93 intermediate shaft use the 90-93 axles.Or get the B16 and use the B18A1 tranny.I don't think it is the ideal gears for that motor,but it will work.
Yeah, u should go with the 90-93 teg jack shaft and axles. itll be way easier then puting together axles or buying them from soomewhere like hasport where they want to charge u out the ass. :worthy: