B18A1 noise at 3k rpms

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New Member
Ok so im new here.... but i was wondering if i might partake in some advice.
OK so heres my problem, no matter what gear i'm in at exactly 3k (no higher or ,lower) I get this really awkward noise coming from the engine. Its sort of like a weird vibrating noise..My only thought is it might be something with the exhaust. Well any questions or advice let me know... Its a B18A1 LS na engine in a 91 civic hatch.
thanks- Andrew
ok thanks guys. thats what i thought it was. now i just gotta get some headers for the thing.... Oh i dont wanna post a new thred but whats a good header for around $200... and whats a good muffler to use... I dont wanna sound like everyone else.... lol which is why my car lacks chrome stripping lol... anyways thanks