B18a1 Obd1 Wireing Issues?!?!?!?

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ok, i have an 89 crx si and i want my 92 teg b18a engine to get wired but because my car is obdo i need to convert it iether to obd1 or change my engine to obdo...
to convert the engine to obdo i would need injectors, distibuter and ecu from a 90-91 teg, right?
what are the axtra emissions crap that they put on that changed the engine to obd1 that i would have to somehow wire?
any info would be great!!!
The 92-93 Tegs had a single 4-wire(heated) O2 sensor located just forward of the cat, different from the 90-91s.

Also, the 92-93 have a temp. sensor on the thermostat housing cover that OBD-0s don't have.

This distributors(obviously--grey vs. white plugs) are also different, like you said.

As for the injectors, the 90-91s have 2-ohm, peak-and-hold style injectors that require a resistor box(that finned, aluminum block on your CRX Si) to provide the higher current needed. The 92-93 injectors are 12-ohm, saturated-type units that are fired directly from the ECU(no resister box required) at a lower current.

I think that covers all the differences.

If you have the harness and the OBD-1 PR4 ECU for your B18A1, I would convert everything to OBD-1. If not, the harness is about 50 bucks new, I think(that's what an obd-1 D16Z6 one runs I know). And I have an OBD-1 PR4 auto ECU that can be chipped to a 5spd if you're interested.

Hope that helps.
thanks for the info

where could i get a harness from? the ecu i can get off ebay or something but im haveing trouble finding the other parts. My engine is off ebay so i don't have a car i can go back to at the junkyard and get more parts from. so i need a harness and an ecu, right?